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Zidane and the ‘overbooking’ of coaches at Real Madrid

The Frenchman from the box went to see a duel between Ancelotti and Lopetegui, who also has a past as a merengue coach

Lopetegui and Ancelotti greet each other before the game


The duel between Real Madrid and Seville closed with a flourish one more Sunday day in The league. A great match at the height of the Spanish competition that nobody in the Bernabeu he wanted to lose. So much so that Zidane, a former Madrid coach, went to the honor box with his wife Veronique to enjoy his former pupils.

In this way, the curious situation arose that in the duel between madridistas and sevillistas there were three coaches in the stadium (Ancelotti, Zidane and Lopetegui) that at some point, although in different ways and moments, they were part of the merengue bench.

A fact that does not stop being curious and that clearly explains that the bench of the Madrid, even in one of its best times, it is a demanding bench and not too long a stay.

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