Yari Mina comments on “Messi’s irony”: life is round

During a match Colombia With Argentina in the semi-finals of the “Copa America”, he mocked Messi From Mina after he missed a penalty kick, which gifted the victory to the “Tango Dancers” team, before completing his career and crowning the title.

Messi said to Mina after the latter missed the kick: “Why don’t you dance now?”, in an incident that was spotted by the cameras and spread widely on the communication sites.

However, the Everton defender seemed completely tolerant of the mockery of the Argentine legend, and revealed that he does not hold any grudges towards Messi.

“What happened with Leo is something that can happen at any moment. This is football,” Mina said at an event hosted by his charity in his home town of Guachen.

“Life is revolving and offers opportunities for revenge, but I am calm because I know that Leo is a wonderful person,” he continued, in comments reported by the Spanish sports newspaper, Marca.

He said, “I met him at BarcelonaI thank him for his support and I will always respect him.”

Mina, 26, played alongside Messi in Barcelona for 6 months in 2018, but he moved to Everton in search of an opportunity to start playing.

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