Xavi’s Tiqué, by Gemma Soler

Everything could happen, but in Villarreal, Xavi remained subscribed to Tique, the Greek goddess of fortune with whom he achieved the first league victory away from home and the first two consecutive victories. Also novelty that the mood of the dressing room did not decline to the first setback and that the lash of Chukwueze it did not involve a collective lowering of the arms. They knew how to overcome and resist to get to score almost the same goals away from home that they had all season. There was luck, flower and a favorable arbitration decision by the VAR.

The ownership of Ilias, Demir and Abde in the first three starting teams Xavi they are a clear statement of intent. The one from Terrassa is making a virtue out of necessity that has made it possible to change a terrible dynamic that provides some optimism. He wanted extremes and has found Abde, which is dazzling in its first minutes glued to the line. Smart, daring, street player, who tends to choose the difficult jog. The unpredictable mischief of the Moroccan made Pedraza dizzy. A promising imbalance that this Barça, very afflicted by the injuries of Ansu and Dembélé, needs like May water.

The match at La Cerámica ended with a row on the benches. TO Emery The cables were crossed and the ghosts of 6-1 appeared. Sparks that later appeased inside the tunnel when both technicians took the issue away and smoothed out rough edges with a clash of hands with David albelda as a witness. With a week to work, recover, and waiting for the miracle in the Champions League, Tique keep accompanying a Xavi who has managed to gain the trust of his players and raise their self-esteem at a crucial moment.

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