Xavi Simons doesn’t quite believe PSG

PSG collects so much talent that they have a space problem. They do not all fit. Pochettino he has to juggle to manage and satisfy a locker room that could have two teams. Or up to three, if you notice the quality that is in the quarry. It happens that the elevator of meritocracy does not work. There is a glass ceiling that denies the opportunity to young people like Xavi Simons, which is now torn between renewing or trying their luck elsewhere.

PSG wants him to continue, determined to extend his contract beyond 2022. The former Barça player, however, does not quite believe all those promises for the future. To date he has only enjoyed two stints in the elite, a small insignificant tasting for a footballer who does not see that anyone can guarantee him a place on a regular basis. He is only 18 years old but his good role in the subsidiary pushes him to want to shine beyond the Youth League.

Leonardo He has a job: “He wants to stay, but it is difficult to say that tomorrow he will have this, in a month that, and in a year the other. It would be wonderful, but it is impossible ”, recognized the sports manager of a PSG who has had conversations with Simons to try to convince you that you are in the right place. The club does not want to be undercapitalized. He believes in the young man, but cannot assure him that he is the important piece that he hopes to be in the first team.

In addition, PSG knows that in this game they are not playing with an advantage. Xavi Simons signed his professional contract with 16 years and by law, at 19 he is free. In other words, in a few weeks: “If someone comes from Germany or England, for example, and offers them a good contract, they can take it for free. In France you cannot pay any commission to your agents, but in other countries, yes. We have to convince him otherwise, “he said yesterday. At the moment the young man has not decided anything, but he knows that at PSG it will be difficult to play.

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