Xavi needs time, by Lluís Foix

The construction of Barça post Messi it takes time, big small steps, not worrying about titles, confidence and a certain drive. We are in a period of decompression after the most splendid period of successes that the Barça throughout its history. To recover the unit that has never existed it is necessary, at least, to simulate it. It is useless to burden the two previous presidents with responsibilities, among other things, because history will put everything in its place. There are the titles harvested by Jan Laporta -first presidency-, Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu. Xavi Hernandez he is putting order in the dressing room by imposing a certain discipline and effort on a team that lived with the idea that prestige and victories are achieved by the history hanging in the showcases of the club’s museum. The Madrid from Florentine, no title last season, he knows that he can no longer live on borrowed or virtual prestige. Xavi It has the advantage that it does not generate noise around it because the so-called environment, the media and the social one, has put a net under the wire and will pick you up with cotton wool whether the falls are light or heavy. Seem right. For this it is necessary that Xavi You can act completely independently and don’t depend on presidential hints about how to play and how to dispose of your existing squad. While the model is being rebuilt, there are no static models, it is necessary to guarantee the physical preparation of the players and return to the goal instinct they exercised Messi, Suarez, Ronaldinho, Neymar, Eto’o and others. If they are not there now, they will have to be manufactured or, in due course, signed. The Barça he wears the halo well placed but he can fall to the ground if this period of change is not carried out quickly, with realism, avoiding all frivolity or propaganda.

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