Xavi, intense and detailed from the band

Three matches of the FC Barcelona with Xavi coach, two wins in the League and a draw in Champions. Only one conceded goal. A good way to start building the foundations of the Terrassa project, which in Villarreal was able to get the first victory of the Barça away in domestic competition this season. A triumph suffered and with final self-criticism from Egarense.

They say that the team of Xavi has flower. Luck. A flower that should be watered during the week because in elite sport little is given to you, say those who know. It is true that Barcelona could lose in all three games, but the point is that they did not lose in any of them. Details, nuances, that begin to be seen from the predisposition of the coach, who has achieved that the dressing room, whoever plays, is united, involved and sacrificed for the common good. Starting with Terrassa’s own coach.

“Go for him, Abde, go for him”

On Villarreal the heavier version of Xavi. “Un embers”, as he defined himself in the press room. The first man-to-man marking is done by the coach, who works the emotional part of his players, so that they regain a confidence that they lost in the last projects in which a figure was missing to mark the line to follow. Is Xavi, which from the beginning was on top of his own.

“Go get him, Abde, for him ”, he asked the 19-year-old winger every time he received to face Pedraza. With the confidence of his technician, yelling at his neck, Abde danced to his marker while he held the gasoline, although later he had to work hard to continue to the side of the Villarreal.

In any moment Xavi sat down on the bench. He encouraged, corrected, transmitted… To young people and also to veterans. TO Busquets and Pique, again calling on the band to be his executing arms on the field and help him reinforce the team in the moments that suffered the most. In the absence of freshness when building, unless the solidity was maintained and the equipment did not break.

Trust in Memphis and congratulations to Ter Stegen

Xavi gave wings to Dembélé, yesterday in his soulless version, he encouraged Memphis after regretting his mistakes in the first half and pampering Coutinho before entering. And the last two gave him the game, especially the Dutchman, who with his goal unleashed the madness on the bench who sees that with the new coach they are once again a choral team, inside and outside.

Right after the goal of Memphis, Xavi he forgot his nine at first. He turned to his doorman to warn him, raise his thumb, and congratulate Ter Stegen. He had asked for daring in the previous and the German goal, before the suffocating pressure of the Villarreal, he invented a long pass because he saw Memphis in a practically one-on-one situation. One more resource offered by a goalkeeper who dominates his footwork and starting from behind is practically another outfield player. Barça style, yes.

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