World Cup: the indignation of Bielsa

Marcelo Bielsa is annoyed to see football authorities organize more matches, at the expense of the health of the players and the quality of the teams.

There is UEFA with its Euro at 24 and its League of Nations which it maintained last year despite the health crisis (to invent deplorable international windows of 3 matches in 8 days). There is also Fifa with its potential Club World Cup at 24 and especially its dream World Cup every two years. The authorities always want more matches (televised) and this frankly outrages Marcelo Bielsa, the coach of Leeds, asked about the new fad of Fifa.

The calendar has become so overloaded, it does not take into account the preparation phase (of the teams). I have serious doubts about the football of professional football. It is a marketed product that is getting worse and worse. I am very sad to see how football is deteriorating. We want to sell more matches, but we do not take into account whether the teams are able to offer better results “, Launched the coach of theAlbiceleste to the English press.

Now director of world football development with Fifa, Arsène Wenger has been promoting, for a few months, a World Cup organized every two years, in order to offer a great competition between nations each summer to football enthusiasts. . The idea of ​​President Gianni Infantino does not convince anyone and disgusts many football players like “El Loco”.

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