“Winning the Ballon d’Or would open a new stage”

Jennifer Hermoso, front of Barça, he admitted before leaving for Paris to attend the ceremony of Golden Ball from Seville, where she is concentrated with the national team, that the fact that a Spanish woman “won the Golden Ball it would open a new stage. Hopefully “she or one of her three companions will be chosen, since that milestone” would be a before and after.

Beautiful, however, appealed to the “importance of tomorrow’s game” against Scotland, in which she will feel “comfortable acting as a 9” just as she has “liked playing between the lines” as she has done in recent international matches.

For its part, the Barça player too Irene Paredes, which is also among the nominees of the Barça to win the Ballon d’Or with Alexia, Cloths and Martens, his “pride” in being “on the list of nominees” at Golden Ball which is granted tonight in the French capital. Paredes said that they are “making history” and that “I hope someone can take it.”

Despite traveling to Paris this afternoon to attend the awards ceremony, Walls, in his press appearance, he confessed “available” for Tuesday’s duel, that “it will be a more demanding match than last Thursday” played on the same stage against the Faroe Islands (12-0) and “in addition, his The coach is Spanish -Pedro Martínez Losa- and knows the national team “.

The Barcelona central said that “the national teams are looking for Spanish coaches because they want to imitate” the game of Spain, but she maintains “confidence in the team” that is capable of “adapting to any situation,” he said.

The Spanish coach, proud

For his part, the Spanish coach, Jorge Vilda, also celebrated that there are four Spanish footballers among those nominated for the Golden Ball. “Those responsible for the good moment of women’s football are the players. Four Spanish women are nominated for the Ballon d’Or, it is a great pride. They are the spokespersons of our football, that’s why I wanted them to be at the party,” said Vilda, who assured that “they will perform tomorrow” despite the fact that they leave the concentration for a few hours and that “if they don’t, it will be my responsibility,” he assumed.

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