Will Integridad act after Pau Torres’ criticism of the referee?

From the Villarreal they were very critical of the play of the hand of Gerard Piqué That the referee of the party Soto Grado and the VAR referee, Munuera Montero, did not say anything.

Starting with Pau Torres, who was overwhelming as soon as the match ended. The international defender said: “The referee has told me that it is a possible penalty. I see it very clearly. He shoots and hits him in the hand. To see an offside we spend ten minutes, but to see a penalty only two. We are the only team that has not been awarded a penalty in favor. And Barca has not received any against it. Everything was given, it was impossible. “

Earlier at halftime it was Fernando Roig Negueroles, Villarreal’s CEO, who claimed that “it is incomprehensible that Piqué’s hands are not ringing. The VAR exists for these things. It should have been a penalty ”.

Initially there is no reason to think that they will act

Now it remains to be seen if the RFEF Integrity Department decides to transfer the statements of the player and the yellow manager to the RFEF Competition Committee. Initially there are no reasons, since at no time do they question the honorability of the arbitration body and also, in the case of the manager, it speaks of the VAR instrument. In case of doing so, there would be a file by the disciplinary body.

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