Why don’t the new construction calendars fit?

Joan Laporta, during the presentation of the telematic referendum to approve the financing of ‘Espai Barça’

Pere Puntí MD

Let’s go back to the works of Espai Barça and the explanations of Ferran Reverter. He said yesterday that the works would begin next June and that they would last 4 years. So far, perfect. June 2022 + 4 years = June 2026. Hopefully the deadlines are met. But then, why in his ‘power point’ and in the ceiling that is in the exhibition on the Espai Barça puts the works of the Camp Nou finish in 2025? The consistency error does not seem accidental. Do not mislead the partner, sweetening uncomfortable information. That said, the original project plan for Nikken sekkei it ran for four summers and three seasons. In addition, it was planned that the works were always being played in the Camp Nou. So, how can it be that now that the public will be thrown out of the stadium for an entire season, the works will last longer? This answer is not counted either. The reason is that with the new project they have decided to tear down the entire third tier to make everything new. And, therefore, it is the sum of the time to demolish, plus the time to rebuild what was already part of the stadium since 1982. The pity, I will insist until I lose my voice, is that the 900 millions to climb the slope of the first tier. While the second tier of the Camp Nou, thanks to the Mitjans curve, has one of the best visibility in Europe, the first tier does not comply today with the c-view, the visibility homologation of the UEFA. Not fixing it now is almost a sin

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