Why does Jorge Vilda’s ‘second’, Montse Tomé, spy on Barça?

It is one of the most commented images of the match between Barça and Valencia in the Women’s League, this Friday at the Johan Cruyff. Montse Tome, the assistant of Jorge Vilda in the Spanish National Team, he was present in the stands to follow the game live and the evolution of the players on the pitch. In full conflict of the Red with the ’15’, the image takes on special relevance. Will the Barça players be in the crosshairs of the national team in four months for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand?

The question is in the air. There has been talk in recent days of a possible return of some of the ’15’ signatories, as well as a rapprochement between the players and the RFEF. However, some of the protagonists have reiterated for their part through various interviews that they do not plan to return until there is no significant change within the team.

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own Aitana Bonmati, In a recent interview in the Ara newspaper, he confessed that “everything remains the same, I would like to approach positions with the RFEF and that this is not a war, we do not want a war with anyone… for the good of all it would be good to sit down and clarify things”. The Catalan is one of the 15 footballers who requested not to be called up by the Spanish team if there are no significant changes in the infrastructure of the Spanish national team.

Also Mapi Leon, in an interview with Mundo Deportivo, responded to the question of whether we can say 100% that he is not going to play in the World Cup, “100% no, because you never know what can or cannot change.” And he added in this regard that “I am a person with very clear ideas and I am quite stubborn. If I believe something, if I think that something is not right or that we were not getting the most out of it and that there are things that can be changed… There are some things that they are some values ​​that I have and some beliefs and they are before that than the other”.

At the moment there is no news, so the image of Montse Tome in the stands of Johan.

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