Why did Barça melt in the last 20 minutes?

Celta, Espanyol, Benfica and Villarreal. Outside the marker final, the Barça melted in the last minutes of those meetings. Once may be an isolated case. That something happens twice can be a coincidence. Three times is already tradition. But the Barça, in the last four games, he has suffered from the same disease. Lack of control of the game, spaces between lines, clay defense and total possession for the rival. In Vigo it ended fatally, in Villarreal he finished the movies, but in any of the 4 games Barça, from minute 70 to 95, was a broken doll. What are the causes? Multiple and varied.

1. Playing with open and static ends forces the two insides to multiply. Not only do they have to build and get there, but they also have to take up more space to cut. When they arrive at minute 70 they are jaded and can no longer multiply.

2. The man-to-man system is more taxing than any other. In addition to being risky, if the rivals play with the change of positions, they arrive fresher and with the lines closer together to the final stretch.

3. The more tired, the less concentration and less clarity to get the ball played. And this is a perverse cycle because you can no longer find the free man, you lose the ball and without generating more nerves. Eric, Mingueza, Araujo They are young. Piqué, with his experience, should pull the car. But he too, in matches, seems to go from more to less until he is completely overwhelmed

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