Who scores more goals at the first touch in the current Barça?

Of the five goals Haaland In the Champions League, much has been said about his substitution in the 63rd minute, what was said guardiola and the player, and the desire with which the Norwegian was left to be the first to score a double hat-trick in the competition. On the other hand, the football aspect of those five goals against Leipzig has been analyzed much less. All of them marked at the first touch.

A fact that shows that this ‘superpower’ that the striker claims –and demonstrates– to have, is evident in an out-of-bounds voracity inside the area and an extraordinary ability in the small area. That is why he scores so many goals at the first touch, purely opportunistic.

And at Barça, how are we instinctive auctioneers? This season, of the total 78 goals the team has scored, 50 have been scored at first touch. It is an important fact that speaks well of team football, where the team elaborates and the auctioneer shoots. Who has scored the most goals at the first touch is, logically, Lewandowski. 14 of his 25 goals have come first. But, by first touch goal percentage, both ferran as raphinha They would surpass him in this facet. Of the 5 goals of ferran torres, 4 have been at the first touch. Of the 9 goals scored by raphinha, 6 has been achieved by finishing off just as the ball came to him. Thus came the two victories against Valencia and Athletic Club. Ansu Fati is at 50%. 3 goals at the first touch of the 6 scored. While dembele He is the one who else makes his own goals. Only 3 of his 8 goals went to the Haalandat the first touch.

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