Which team arrives best at this Clásico?

A real Madrid with high morale, he urgently needs victory in the Classic to maximize their options to fight for the title of League before a Barcelona who faces the duel with a cushion of nine points and with the possibility of leaving the championship seen for sentencing.

Ancelotti’s team began the most important week of the season with a convincing victory against Liverpool to seal his pass to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Having accomplished the first of the two goals set in five days on a good note, Real Madrid lands at the Camp Nou with several players in remarkable shape (Vinicius, Camavinga, Kroos, Militao or Courtois) and wanting to vindicate himself after the defeat in the Clásico cupbearer.

Improved in defense and more fluid in attack, the set of ancelotti wants to assault the fort Camp Nouwhere they have not lost since October 5-1, 2018. The Barça fiefdom is propitious for the whites, who have only suffered two league defeats in the last 10 years.

In addition, the whites are confident that a scenario such as the defeat in the Classic cupbearer, where the barca they used their solid defense and a lucky goal to lead the tie. In front of their fans and at the Camp Nou, Barça is expected to open up more, a circumstance that the Madrid You will want to take advantage to exploit your great weapon: the counterattack.

GSans - Barcelona

With the confidence of a soft 9-point mattress, the barca arrive at Classic feeling that he is in a better moment, devoid of excessive pressure and propelled by the mental impulse that gives the possibility of sentencing the title.

And he is at his best not because of his game, something far from his offensive intentions and control of the ball, but because of his solidity as a team. It stands out, above all, for an extremely solvent defensive system and an enviable consistency of results, although it hurts to admit it.

It is difficult for rivals to win but also to score. Ter Stegen He has conceded just 8 goals and has 19 of 25 games with a clean sheet. And what should intimidate those of ancelotti: the Camp Nou gives stage fright. No one has won in 12 games and only the Spanish he scored a goal and it was a penalty. Besides, Araujo has taken the measure Vinicius.

No this Pedrook, but Xavi He has good supplies to supply. The system of four midfielders has helped him to get points against very tough opponents, such as Athletic and Athletic, and the players have already assimilated it. They do not have the quality of the canary pass but it is Dejong. And has in attack with a Lewandowski which is always, always, a guarantee of a goal.

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