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“When I grow up I will play with the Madrid shirt”

The paths of Real Madrid and Kylian Mbappé are getting closer and closer to crossing. The French striker has been Florentino Pérez’s great goal since 2017 and PSG rejected an offer close to 200 million euros for his player last summer. With a contract in Paris until June 30, 2022, he has not yet renewed his contract and from January 1, a month from now, he will be free to negotiate with whoever he wants.

Now the frustrated relationship between Madrid and Mbappé lives a new chapter as a result of the publication of the comic about the forward’s childhood and life, ‘Je m’apelle Kylian’. One of the anecdotes revealed explains that Madrid was always the team of choice when I was a child.

Opening some Christmas presents, Mbappé takes out a PSG shirt and later a Real Madrid shirt, which turns out to be fake. Before this, the young Kylian says to his mother: “Mom, this shirt must be returned to Santa Claus. It is not the original, look, it does not have the cross on top of the crown.” And what happens? “, Responds the mother.

At this, Kylian insists. “It is not the original and I will not wear it, the one that I will wear will be the original when I grow up and play for Real Madrid”, responds Mbappé, in what has been interpreted as the player’s last nod to the white club, which will insist on your arrival in the next few days.

The comic about Mbappé


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