What you haven’t seen from Galatasaray-OM


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    The crazy atmosphere of the Galatasaray stadium

    “If we don’t go to Galatasaray-OM, when are we going to see a Galatasaray match?” We couldn’t miss it and we weren’t disappointed. It was only a Europa League meeting on a Thursday night in November and yet it was exceptional. The two turns are unleashed, the spectators in the side stands are standing. Probably the best atmosphere we have experienced in 15 years of touring the stadiums.

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    An obstacle course to the stadium

    The Nef Stadyumu is located north of Istanbul city center and seems easily accessible by metro. Except that no, it’s a hassle not possible. First tip: buy your tickets earlier in the day. It’s the crush. You have to finish the journey by taking a special line, in an obviously crowded wagon. What to become familiar with the anti-Fenerbahçe songs. Once out of the metro, the huge crowd passes 3 security barriers. Please empty your pockets of coins, they are confiscated by security guards.

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    Even Turkish journalists scold Guendouzi

    In press stands around the world, journalists celebrate the goals of the team they support (or hit their desks if they miss). In Galatasaray, Istanbul journalists do not pretend: they are there to vibrate with each action of their team. From there to whistle the OM players when they have the ball and boo Mattéo Guendouzi like all the rest of the stadium? This was the case with some people around me. Amusing.

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    They are 98 world champions!

    For the youngest, the cover of I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor by Hermes House Band has become the unofficial anthem of the players of the 98 world champion France team. The Galatasaray stadium sends this song after each goal scored by the ‘team and the whole audience is unleashed. How long has it been singing I Will Survive? ” 20 years ! », Answers a Turkish journalist. Ah good ? On the other hand, when Ryan Babel scores, as on Galatasaray’s 4th goal, one of his songs is broadcast (he is also a rapper).

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    How to attend a soccer match in Turkey?

    We don’t mess around with security around soccer matches in Turkey (it’s probably the same with basketball matches). To see Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe or Besiktas at work, you must first apply for a “Passolig”, a kind of supporters’ identity card, and then buy your ticket. Concern: to recover your “Passolig”, you must present your Turkish health pass. Can I convert my European health pass? It’s a hell of a puzzle. “I still haven’t figured out how to see a match here,” replied an OM supporter who had come incognito to Istanbul.

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    The magnificent Blue Mosque at night

    Istanbul’s historic center is a must-see, with Topkapi Palace and the sublime Blue Mosque and Saint-Sophia facing each other (and responding to the call to evening prayer). The places empty in the evening and it is a treat to capture these illuminated buildings without anyone in the photo. (photo

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    Fish sandwiches are validated!

    You do not leave Istanbul without having eaten not what is called a “kebab” in France but a belik durum, a small wrap of grilled fish (with salad / tomato / onion, of course). These sandwiches are sold everywhere at the foot of the Galata Bridge, from restaurants overlooking the Bosphorus as well as from makeshift stalls. See you at our friend from “Oses Çiğ Köfte”. (photo

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    Would you like a piece of Ribéry?

    The temptation was too great. Nusret Gökçe, the famous “Salt Bae” (for its iconic salting), has several “Nurs-Et” restaurants all over the city. The butcher is not there, obviously, but the show is there. The meat is excellent and the prices are much more reasonable than in Dubai. Go check the prices on the site. Franck Ribéry missed the Ballon d’Or, but he lends his name to a golden piece of beef on the menu. Nice, the wink!

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    Pascal Nouma evenings!

    With a little luck, you will come across an evening hosted by Pascal Nouma in one of Istanbul’s crowded clubs. We missed that! The former Besiktas striker is still a star in the Eurasian city. “Where is Pascal Nouma” seems to be a password to enter each night club …

A look back at OM’s Europa League match against Galatasaray (4-2), played last Thursday in the extraordinary atmosphere of Nef Stadyumu. And a short tour, in photos, of the magnificent city of Istanbul.

Arrival at the Nave Stadyumu:

The debrief of the meeting from the stadium:

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