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What begins badly ends in Arcadia, by Julián Redondo

Madrid returns to Arcadia and the Sheriff, spirited and inferior, awakens from sleep. He began the Champions League by taking prisoners that he is now releasing, diluted on the day of his last rites in the judicial troubles of Karim Benzema.

Benzema… About six years ago, when at the wheel of very high-displacement cars he had more danger than a box of bombs, you could think of this magnificent footballer that he was a crazy guy, a bit irresponsible and distracted, but not that he used any of his many free moments to coerce a fellow recruit, get money from him and blackmail him.

That slip, of which he admitted that he only intermediated so that Valbuena do not ruin his life with a compromised video, because he knew the criminals, it cost him prestige and the (temporary) drop from the national team. Politicians intervened to screw up his life a little more, as happened to From Gea, and six years later, after being rehabilitated by Deschamps, the judge imposes a higher sentence than the one requested by the prosecutor (one year in jail, suspended, instead of ten months). Given the sanctions of the rest of those involved, the criminals, it seems that Karim he was the ringleader.

His lawyers will appeal the sentence, which is not final, and the process will end when the justice, in France slow as in Spain, concludes that “it is no more.” While he continues to serve the sentence of the newscast, he will play football like the angels, making the ball, which he has not yet turned into gold, his prisoner, and he will try to get away from those demons of the ‘Sextape’, which is not the same as the ‘tuppersex’ ‘.

The judge’s verdict did not affect him -he made it 0-3-, nor did Madrid, who defeated the Sheriff in their territory, discovered that Rodrygo He is also very good and signed the pass to the second round. What starts badly ends well.

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