“We told the players that we are going to beat Barcelona”

The talk offered by Manuel Pellegrini, technician of the Real Betis, prior to training on Friday, last before the game against the FC Barcelona, ended with a loud ovation from all the players. The reasons were later explained by the Chilean at a press conference: “There is a very good atmosphere in the dressing room. Today the applause ended because we told them (the players) that we are going to beat Barcelona.”

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“We will adjust certain aspects”

Pellegrini He insists that he does not intend to change the way his team plays and that ‘fear’ is not a word that is in his vocabulary, despite the fact that he has not won a game against the Catalans for thirteen years (sixteen defeats and two draws): “Betis plays in a certain way, inside and outside. We will adjust certain aspects, but we will not change. We will try to win from the beginning. I do not use the word fear. We try to win in all fields. We do not seek a result, we try to strengthen a game mechanics, regardless of the rival “.

Asked if he thinks there is ‘Xavi effect’ in the FC Barcelona, because after the change of coach the Catalans have linked for the first time two victories in LaLiga, Pellegrini considers that “Xavi’s Barça has obtained good results, has won two games and has had a good campaign. The previous Barça also had good results, it is difficult to compare both situations because then there was good play and good results and now, although more fair, There are also them. Is it more difficult to beat Xavi’s Barça than Koeman’s? I don’t think it will be easier or more difficult. He is in an expectant position in LaLiga with one less game, he has very good players and he wants to qualify for the Champions League It will be a difficult game. “

“I don’t think we are a better team than Barcelona”

Pellegrini rejects the idea that Betis be a better team than him Barcelona for being currently better classified: “I do not think we are a better team than Barcelona, ​​we are better placed. We are in a good moment of play, results and in the classification, but we must not lose reality, they are a very powerful club who have had financial or institutional problems in recent times, but they have a great squad. If they will be distracted by the Champions League? I don’t think they will be distracted, I think one game is not related to the other. play on Saturday, it could be, but they play on Wednesday, so they can put their best team in both games. Any changes in this Barça? Yes, tactically different things are seen with respect to Koeman’s stage, who also had things very good. But we are not going to value that, “he said to finish.

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