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“We have to see Barça as a lion, not as a cat”

Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the press room at Real Madrid City to talk about tomorrow’s Clásico, Sunday, at the Camp Nou. A decisive duel for the fight for the LaLiga title and also for his future on the Real Madrid bench.

What must Madrid do to win at the Camp Nou?

“Enjoy the moment, be the protagonists and prepare it well. “Get the best of us, defensively and offensively”

He has made enough merits to continue next year

“It is an evaluation that the club has to make, but I have already said that I would stay here all my life, but that is impossible. I want to continue and I hope it will be like that. What the club decides is not important, because I enjoy every day. If the club wants me for three months, then I’ll enjoy three months. If it’s three years, three years.”

It would be fair if he leaves the club for not winning the League, Cup or Champions

“The written rules change and the unwritten ones, too. I am convinced that we are going to win something this season, so the topic is over””

If you don’t win at the Camp Nou, is the League over?

“I don’t know. We only think about winning tomorrow, I just want to win and if we don’t win, we’ll think later.”

It surprises him when he doubts Modric and Kroos

“It surprises me that they are doubted, because they are the best”

What title do you envision you can win?

“”The data says that we have a disadvantage in the League and the Cup, but not in the Champions League. Tomorrow we can cut the deficit in the league.”

A match similar to that of the Copa del Rey is expected

“It is very difficult to say which game we will see tomorrow, each game has its story. Barcelona defended a lot in the Cup because they took the lead. The game can be different depending on what happens.”

Planning for tomorrow

“We will play offensive. Offensive, but without risks”

The Barça and his current style

“It is a very solid team at the back, they have conceded very few goals. They have had an important defensive commitment that has allowed them to win when they have suffered a little more than normal”.

Champions League draw with return away from home

“It’s true that last year the return at home has helped us a lot… But the fact that there isn’t a double goal doesn’t change the field factor much. The Bernabéu is going to help us a lot in the first leg”

Vinicus in the Classics

“He’s had more difficulty in recent games, but Vinicius is always Vinicius. His mobility can help him get the best out of tomorrow. I’m thinking of putting him on the right…”

Is he really going to play on the right?

“It’s not serious… But mobility is important. He will play on the left, but with more mobility. Not having a fixed reference can be a problem for the defender.”


“Karim is fine”

How do you see Barcelona and if you are still afraid of these games?

“We have to see Barça as a lion, not as a cat. If we see it as a cat, it seems like we’re going to a party. And no, we’re going to play against a great team and an important game. In these games there are always fear, of course, but it’s normal. It’s fear, nerves… For me the two hours before are the worst”.


“Right now he is doing well, as Tchouaméni did in the first part of the season. The two have replaced a legend well, but I think Madrid can plan the future very well with these two.”

Plan with Vinicius to overcome Araujo

“We have the plan, the two teams know each other very well, we have no secrets. We have made all the evaluations”

How do you see the team?

“From January 22 until now, the team has done very well. We are in a good moment, we are very motivated and excited. The physical data is very good and in the technical and tactical aspect we have improved a lot, we are better in defense I think we can do very well.”


“I may lose credibility if I say that Vinicius is the best striker in the world and Militao the best defender in the world, but it’s the truth. I’m honest. Militao doesn’t lack anything. The only flaw he has is that he’s not always focused on one hundred percent. And another defect, that he is not so handsome”.

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