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“We have to prepare to suffer a lot”

Athletic visits Real Madrid tomorrow in the game postponed in its ninth day of the League. Marcelino He has confirmed that he will not make many changes in his starting team to play at the Santiago Bernabéu from nine o’clock at night. They have had five days to recover physically after playing against Granada last Friday. “There is enough time to recover from the previous effort,” he said.

Athletic visits a team that is on a roll after nine consecutive games without losing between the League and the Champions League, with eight wins and one draw. What will be the approach? “We have clear arguments. We are not going to modify them. We must put the emphasis on those strengths of Real Madrid. We will try to press up. The Whites attack faster than last season and have two decisive players (for Vinicius and Benzema). Between the two they have 20 goals. We have to prepare to suffer a lot. Suffering must be channeled. It is a team that moves you a lot, it forces you. They play very high, with scoring situations. But we have to attack, what generates uncertainty in the rival is generating danger in their area, ”he explained.

“If we got to beat Granada, we would have played the best game of the season”

MarcelinoAthletic coach

Athletic faces the event after five games without winning, with four points added out of fifteen possible. “I am not worried. I would be worried if we had repeated a game like Cádiz. In this game and against Granada we conceded goals a bit churresco and avoidable. We should have done more on defense. The Cádiz game gave me a very bad body, but the other two didn’t. Maybe against Levante we could do more. The other day we had possession, arrived in the area, we played almost 50% of the possession in the opposite field and we did not lose face to the game. If we got to win, we would have played the best game of the season. As we draw against Granada, it is a disaster ”, he stated in the Lezama press room.

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The coach added that he would be worried about other things. “We must improve, but I would be concerned if the team showed apathy, lack of competitiveness, vulnerability or lack of arrival. The Cádiz game taught me, but that happened once. Then the team recovered, not in terms of results but in competitiveness ”, he added.

Marcelino He acknowledged that the game for Madrid could be more complicated because he only had three days off (they played against Sevilla on Sunday), but “he is used to playing three games a week.”

The game against the whites was supposed to have been played in mid-October. “This is how the calendar touches us and we accept it. We said that we would have preferred to play when he was playing. The dynamics of Madrid is different then and now. We have to continue with the stability that we have had. We are a competitive team and difficult to beat. We have lost two games in San Mamés, something we did not expect. Soccer requires maximum effort and success ”, he pointed out.

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