Real Madrid

“We have not had hit, they have”

The Zumarraga midfielder has shown his displeasure for not adding at least one draw at the Bernabéu

Dani García, with Modric in the Bernabéu match

Javier Lizon / EFE

Dani Garcia He also showed his disgust for not having added at least one draw last night against Real Madrid. “It’s the trend this season, we play good games but we couldn’t finish them off. We have made good plays on the counter, but the opportunities from set pieces have been very clear, “said the Zumarraga midfielder before the Movistar LaLiga cameras.

“We are one of the teams that run the most in the First Division. The points we have do not correspond to what we do in the matches. We must continue working to change this dynamic. Goals are streaks. The tie at least would have been fair. We have not had a hit, they have, “said the rojiblanco.

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