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“We face it in a normal way, as we live all the games”

Rodrygo Goes He is one of the luxury substitutes that Ancelotti has on the bench. He is the one chosen by the Italian to revitalize the games and be Benzema’s replacement when the Frenchman does not play. The Brazilian has been interviewed by El Club del Deportista.

Your role in the team

“I always want to play and I tell the coach that I have to play, but he tells me to be calm. I respect him, because we have very good players, but I’m there, when I’m on the field I help my team, and I want to be owner”


“He is a person with whom I have a very good relationship, a great coach and he always helps me a lot”

Lots of matches in March

“It’s difficult because the games are very close and the recovery time is very short. I like to have the games close to each other, because there are times when, if things haven’t gone well, you have another game soon; and when they go well, you already want to prove it again. So I love having the games close”

Many Classics in a row

“We face it in a normal way, as we live every game and always trying to win”

The Champions

“It’s something that I don’t know how to explain. A feeling that there is nothing like in football: very nice games, with everything that happens before the game, with the press…, a different week in training, and playing in the Bernabéu, also with our fans, is something very beautiful. My two goals were the most important of my life, to be able to win the Champions League. They are the most beautiful football memories I have”.

The match against City

“In the match against Manchester City we realized that, although they are a team that touches the ball a lot, we saw how the goalkeeper shot long and they played a little differently. The pressure that our fans put on causes that, and at the end of We always do very well in matches”

Where do you like to play?

“I like to play more than 10. But the truth is that I can play in any attacking position, although if they give me a choice I would say playmaker”.


“I learn a lot from him every day, he talks to me a lot. It’s a pleasure to be able to play with him, for me he’s the best in the world.”


“It’s a very nice relationship, we have a great relationship both on and off the field. He’s another one who always talks to me, always gives me instructions because he’s already lived a lot in football, he’s won a lot and I want to continue doing the things he’s already done. It’s a pleasure for me to be with him.”


Rodrygo answers a quick question test

personal test

1. Player you would always sign for your team.


2. A footballer who will be a star in the future.


3. Instagram or WhatsApp.


4. Where will we find you if you have a few days of vacation?

In Brazil.

5. First thing you do when you wake up.

Look at the mobile.

6. Do you have any superstitions?

Enter the field with the right foot.

7. Play game you play the most.


8. Another sport besides soccer.


9. An unforgettable goal.

The second against Manchester City.

10. A person you admire.

My father

Rodrygo and the Classics:

The Sportsman’s Club interviews Real Madrid player Rodrygo ahead of the Clásico

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