“We could have scored more than three goals”

The coach of the Bayern Munich, Julian Nagelsmann, considered that his team “could have scored more than three goals” after winning 3-0 to the FC Barcelona at the Allianz Arena and eliminate him from the Champions League.

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“We have had a great group stage winning every game. But if you look at 90 minutes today we had a lot of scoring opportunities and enough control for the result to be wider. In any case, I am happy with the result and with the team performance in this group stage, “added the coach of the Bayern.

“I am happy with the result and with the performance of the team in this group stage”

Julian NagelsmannBayern Munich coach

According Nagelsmann, in front of Barça his team “dominated against a known opponent” who in the previous one was already taken for granted “that they should win” and his players made it possible for the Catalans “at no time to be relaxed.”

The technician of the Bayern He said that what has been achieved so far “is totally deserved” and that now the objective “is to win the Champions League”.

“It has also happened to other clubs”

Bayern Munich coach, Julian Nagelsmann also appreciated the difficult situation of Barça, eliminated from the Champions League after 17 years in a row qualifying for the round of 16 of the highest continental competition. And it was also forceful, although in a certain way, he does not find the situation entirely surprising: “They have a mountain of debts that drags everything down, in different areas. They have to go back to their old way. They are in a radical change and it is normal that they have a season like this. It has also happened to other clubs “. In this sense, the 34-year-old German coach did not hesitate to assure that “as a football fan I hope that FC Barcelona will again be a glorious club soon in the future”.

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