We are not so bad, by Toni Clapés

It is a photon. Not a splendid photograph or a historical image, no. See together Alexia, Messi and Pedri each one showing a Ballon d’Or won belonging to Barça is a photon. Analog or digital, it doesn’t matter, it’s a photon. Because it is effort, pride, feeling … and also envy and rage. You just have to check the cramps that are heard these days in Madrid and more in the vicinity of the Santiago Bernabéu. What’s more, I would remove the canvas that Laporta placed in a building in the capital to display another with the image of the three and the claim “we are not so bad” and the postscript “to the parrot.” The fluff can be championship. There are some other photos from the gala, however, in which I am lacking staff. Because it’s okay that Laporta, Yuste, Fort and Puig, as new managerial representatives, appear with (almost) all the winners, that is the mission of every good manager, to appear on the album, to be where success, but I am missing who really bet on women’s football as Bartomeu and above all, Mestre -Wow, the names I have written! – or who brought Pedri for just five million eyes like Bakero, Plans and the scouters of the club. Okay, the management of the previous directive was not exactly a festival pyrotechnics, rather a general firecracker, but some rocket they did launch that went well. Now it only remains to ask for another photo, that of Barça in Munich qualifying for the knockout stages of the Champions League, although I’m afraid that if things don’t change much, yes Xavi can not remedy it, we will be portrayed

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