“We are going to see more Barça players with this Ballon d’Or”

After his emotional words at the time he picked up the Ballon d’Or, Alexia putellas She attended the present media and launched an ambitious message personally and collectively in Barça code: “There are many feelings that I have right now. I am privileged to be here and represent so many people. I do it with pride and Surely it will not be the last of a Barça player. The club’s project is more than proven, this has just begun. We are going to see more Barça players with this Golden Ball“.

The midfielder wanted to add to the phrases of her speech at the ceremony: “I forgot to say: everyone has made sacrifices to get here. I do what I love every day, and I really do sacrifices My family made them by taking me to training every day and getting up early on weekends to accompany me to games. “

Regarding what his award could represent for Spanish football, he pointed out that “this is going to be a before and after. Barça there has been an investment and a success. It is clear that the results are there. There is no excuse. Everyone has the right to dream of being a footballer and have the resources to do so. “

He explained, as a reference for the new generations, that “I would tell girls to believe in them and that if they want to be footballers, to fight and work. I take this opportunity to launch another message: we all have the responsibility to do everything possible so that everyone has the opportunity to be a footballer no matter where they come from, the color of their skin or whether they are men or women. ” And he added that “I was not lucky enough to grow up in a world in which there was Golden Ball for women, but the girls of today are going to have it and it sure helps the level and the show to grow, it is very good that the Ballon d’Or is female because that way girls have the possibility of dreaming of one “.

He recalled that “the turning point was the greatest defeat we suffered: the defeat in the Champions League final against Lyon. The defeat made us grow. We acquired a maximum commitment to try to achieve excellence and we are in that work. others to be better. That is the key. “

Regarding the conflict that Spanish women’s football is experiencing, he pointed out that “I have not been able to speak with Luis Rubiales. There are many things that are not made public. Not appearing in the press does not mean that they are not being done. I hope that all this is solved as soon as possible and that we have decent conditions to carry out our work. It is not worth it if one or two teams have it. “

Finally, he showed his firm way of being when talking about how the award can affect him: “Pressure none. There can be no pressure from outside because I am the one who has imposed the most pressure on herself every day for years to achieve excellence. Expectations I do not control. I will continue as before, I will help my colleagues, and if we do, we will all continue at this level. “

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