Real Madrid

“We are convinced that we are capable of winning”

Imanol Sheriff is convinced that Real can defeat Real Madrid tomorrow despite the numbers presented by the team Carlo Ancelotti: “Real Madrid have scored 35 goals, they have only lost one game, but we at home have not lost. Anoeta will be at the top and we have enormous enthusiasm, humility and ambition because we believe that we are capable of adding all three points.”

It will undoubtedly be a very different match from the one played on Thursday against Panadería Pulido in the Cup: “For the fans it is not the same but for us and the players it is. We have prepared it in the same way and on that side it has not changed nothing, “made it clear Imanol.

Obviously, the difficulty that Real Madrid presents, and more at this moment, is maximum: “It is complicated because even his coach said that his players do things that he does not ask of them, so imagine,” he said with some irony. His recipe to face the game is to have “a lot of personality” to “try to make our game, knowing that we have the best team in the League in front of us. We are going to try to do our thing and that is the best way to get these types of games. Lately we are being able to compete against Real Madrid and we will see if tomorrow we will be able to give our best version. “

“In a game you have no doubt that I and my players are convinced that we are capable of winning. Of course, we have to do everything well,” he stressed.

The casualties of players like Silva and Merino He assures that “they do not condition me” when preparing the game. No date was set for their return, although he pointed out that the two “are taking good steps” and what he did confirm is that both Zubeldia What Guridi They are fine.

Asked Imanol for the moment that goes through Vinicius: “It does not surprise me because other seasons he has done what he is doing now, only now he is having results in front of the goal. Now he is calmer now at the time of finishing. Anyway when we have faced him he has always us life is complicated. He is a footballer who is maturing and on top of that he has a nose for the goal, “explained Imanol who immediately wanted to highlight the entire block, highlighting that” Real Madrid has a squad. “

Tomorrow a hot Anoeta is expected both because of the rival’s entity and because of the arbitration controversies of the last days. Imanol He is clear that “the team wants to be infected by that environment. This time we will not have to take the first step because the fans are very plugged in and the only thing we can do is thank them. In that sense we have to infect ourselves, but obviously without losing our minds. There is no doubt that we have to transmit that energy and that positivity that there is in the fans, but well channeled to do things well and win the game. “

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