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Vinicius beats Real Madrid but cannot with Robinho

In soccer, a team sport where individual women usually make a difference, there is a tendency to compare similar profiles. And one of the most talked about in recent years has been that of Vinicius with Robinho, both with a very similar story in the Real Madrid (They landed in the merengue galaxy with youth as the flag) but that has signs of not ending the same.

However, and although it seems incredible, in almost the same games with the Real Madrid (136 of Vini and 137 of Robinho), the former player of the white team surpasses the current one in both goals and assists and with half a season less.

The ex of Saints, which came to Madrid with 21 years instead of the 18 with whom he did it ViniIn those 137 games (seasons 05/06, 06/07 and 07/08), he added 34 goals and 27 assists. Numbers that, although it seems incredible given the memory that ‘Robshow’ left in the capital, surpasses that of Vinicius that in 136 games (seasons 18/19, 19/20, 20/21 and current 21/22) he has scored 26 goals, twelve less, and has distributed 20 assists, seven less.

Different ages, periods and ‘endings’

With all that, it should be noted that the feats of Vinicius They are being made at a younger age, in a more modern and physical football in which the rival can study you to the millimeter.

Although, on the other hand, the reality is that the team around ‘Vini’, (Modric, Kroos, Benzema…), it seems better than it was at that time surrounded Robinho who came to play, yes, with Zidane in your senior year or with Ronaldo Nazario.

Be that as it may and reached the period of three years in the Real Madrid (something else in the case of Vinicius), the situation with the ex of Saints, who went to Manchester City in exchange for 42 million when he was already starting the downhill in his career, it does not seem to be repeated with Vinicius which seems to have taken off completely and is becoming the star that everyone expected in La Castellana.

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