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Very hard attack by Javier Tebas against Florentino Pérez

Five days before the Extraordinary Assembly of LaLiga that must vote on the contract with CVC, Javier Tebas, president of the employer’s association, has published a letter addressed to all affiliated clubs in which he once again lashes out at the promoters of an alternative plan, with Real Madrid, Barça and Athletic in the lead.

The letter from Thebes is expressly directed against “the presidency of Real Madrid”, which he accuses of “confuse and boycott any initiative that involves improvements and growth “of the rest of the clubs.

After underlining that the Sustainable Project (the alternative) is “lax and contains errors both in terms of approach and structure with unrealistic scenarios, “it accuses its promoters of offering a” preliminary idea one week before the binding approval “of CVC’s offer when” they have had more than four months to work in depth on alternative approaches. ” “It is an attempt to create confusion and derail a solid project,” he says.

The leader denies that the Impulse Project commits ‘fraud of law’, ensures that the three driving clubs fall into “disrespect and disloyalty demonstrated all these years, not only against LaLiga but against the rest of the clubs “and he reproaches Florentino for linking the contract to audiovisual income that” the president of Real Madrid has stated that they will inevitably decrease“.

“Receive a proposal from Real Madrid lacks all credibility, since their words are contradicted by their deeds, “he emphasizes.” Why does he once again put all its media artillery, social networks and political pressure to disqualify a project that is strategic for the rest of the clubs? Since 2015 we have suffered threats of all kinds, some directly from Real Madrid and others anonymous but directed by said entity “, he underlines in one of the hardest points of the letter.


Florentino “has exerted pressure on all sports and political institutions at the highest level,” says Tebas

Florentino, he assures without citing him, “has exercised pressure on all institutions sports and politics at the highest level. “But” fortunately, all the clubs and much of society know the ways of doing of Real Madrid or its president, with continuous disqualifications, media attacks with the usual media, political pressure, organized attacks in RRSS … “.

And it ends, in the last paragraphs, assuring that “a great majority has unmasked the supposed “savior” of the soccer industry, whose interest is to safeguard only the part that it considers important: yours. The others don’t count and they don’t know how to manage their clubs either. ”

In the more than four pages of the charge, Tebas does not mention Florentino by name more than on one occasion, in which he refers to him as “President Pérez.”

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