Valbuena “upset” Le Graët

Severely tackled by Mathieu Valbuena after the conviction of Karim Benzema in the sextape affair, Noël Le Graët replied in an interview.

Relieved to see his victim status recognized through the conviction, in particular of Karim Benzema in the famous case of intimate video blackmail, Mathieu Valbuena in the process had a hard tooth against the French Football Federation and its boss Noël Le Graët. ” When I was on the sunny days of The french team, he was licking my boots. On the other hand, when one disappears from the radars, it is Mr. Phantom. Maybe he lost my number …

This Tuesday through an interview with AFP, the president of the FFF had the opportunity to respond to “Petit Vélo”, admitting to having been ” rather upset By the words of the Olympiacos player. ” He is a victim, but has not been accused, says Le Graët. I like him as a player. He is a boy who gave a lot. Maybe it was a bad instinct on my part not to call him, but he was never considered guilty. […] Defend Benzema a little bit, maybe he suffered from it and I didn’t quite understand it. But that doesn’t change the esteem I have for him.

“Benzema does not deserve it”

As for Karim Benzema, who deserved to be on the Ballon d’Or podium according to him, Noël Le Graët believes that this sextape story ” dragged on for too long ” in his career. ” It’s been six years, frankly, breathes the Breton manager. She comes back to a time when we were perhaps a little in difficulty, after the elimination (at the Euro, editor’s note). Justice must render its decision, but it is still not the business of the century. Bringing Benzema back in this business all the time, it’s very complicated, he doesn’t deserve it.

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