Upamecano talks about his handicap

Dayot Upamecano confided in an interview with the Parisian about the stuttering he suffered in his childhood.

This Friday is World Day of Persons with Disabilities. The opportunity for Dayot Upamecano, defender of Bayern Munich and the France team, to discuss the stuttering problem he suffered when he was young. “It was very difficult during my school career. It was necessary to speak, it was hard times. I always got it into my head that I had to talk. My mom was behind me telling me to talk more. She urged me not to be shy, ”recalled the former Valenciennois in the columns of the Parisian, adding: “I tried not to say anything, I was a very calm person. Since I couldn’t speak too well, I kept going over and over again, until I made progress. ”

Football has helped me the most

Unfortunately, unfortunately, the native of Evreux had to face the mockery of his young comrades. “I tried not to listen to them. I told myself that even if I stutter, I should keep talking. It wasn’t up to them to spoil it ”, he said, assuring not to feel resentment towards those who made fun of him. “While people were laughing at me, I was working”, he confided, assuring that football had helped him.

“I would say that’s what helped me the most. I was captain of my team very young, I had to give voice, even more to my position which requires a lot of communication. Even when I was in the playground, I was a captain. I was clearing something, that’s for sure ”, ahe revealed, adding: “I always had this little embarrassment, but when I got on the pitch, I was a different person. Little by little, I spoke more, I opened up to others. “

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