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    Samuel umtiti

    A first match this season!

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    Samuel umtiti

    Established by Xavi.

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    Samuel umtiti

    Embarrassed by a knee, he has played very little in the past three seasons.

FC Barcelona is having a hard time transferring Samuel Umtiti, as this anecdote relayed by the Catalan press illustrates.

What will the FC Barcelona with Samuel umtiti ? To save his salary, the Catalan club would like to sell the world champion, very often injured for three years. But this task is difficult, the proof with this anecdote told by Sport.

During a discussion with another European club, Barça would have proposed the name of Umtiti in the negotiations. Response from the interlocutor: “Umtiti? Is this a joke? “

According to Sport, this anecdote illustrates Barca’s difficulties in selling an item that would already be considered within the club as “A former player”, according to the Catalan daily. Umtiti however recently replayed, under Xavi’s orders, but a contract termination in January is a possible scenario, while the former Lyonnais is still linked with Barça until 2023.

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