Umtiti faces some fans and asks for “respect” after being harassed

At the end of training, some followers pounced on the car of the Barça center-back, who even got out of his vehicle

Samuel Umtiti asked “respect” to some fans who pounced on his car after training


The output of the Barça players training left one of the images to forget about the day. To the extent that Samuel Umtiti had to get out of his car and ask for “respect” to some fans who were harassing him and who even came to pounce on his vehicle. This situation is not new, to see several followers “assaulting” the players to take selfies with them or in some cases even reprimand them, as happened to Ronald Koeman, when some passers-by hit his car at the end of the Classic, and this time it was Umtiti.

In the images captured by several cameras, three fans stand in front of the Frenchman’s car, to the point of stopping it and getting on the hood. Seconds later, and after advancing a few meters, Umtiti got out of the car and calmly asked for “respect” to these fans. “Come here. Do you pay for the car? Why do you play? Do you know what respect is? ”Added the Frenchman, immediately returning to his vehicle.

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