Ultimatum of 15 days to Dembélé to renew

The FC Barcelona does not want to delay the ‘soap opera Dembélé‘. The French winger, from 24 years, the contract ends on June 30, 2022 and, therefore, as of January 1, he will enter the last six months of his relationship with the Barça club. This will allow him, in case of arriving next year without having signed an extension of contract, to negotiate freely with any other club without fear of breaking any rules. FIFA and without that club being able to fear a complaint from the FC Barcelona. The Barcelona entity does not want to reach that stage. In fact, the intention of the sports rectors of Barça is to be clear about what will happen with Ousmane Dembélé before December 15. That is to say, the club has conveyed to the forward that he has two weeks to define himself on whether or not he wants to accept the renewal offer he has on the table.

The Barça he continues to have the utmost interest in tying up the French winger. There is no doubt about that. However, the sports rectors of the entity are beginning to tire of their passivity and the delaying attitude of their agent, who is suspected of offering it to the highest bidder and, furthermore, giving hope to certain clubs, especially a couple Premier League (Manchester United and Newcastle).

Your agent raises doubts

In the conversations that are being held internally with Dembélé, the Frenchman suggests that he wants to continue at Barça, that he is happy in the team and in the city, and that the public praise of Xavi Hernandez, his new coach, have penetrated him. However, those same interlocutors do not find that warmth towards the Barça club when they contact their agent, Moussa Sissoko, a representative who does not act in a convergent line with what his represented transmits. Thus, the agent continually puts off proposals to renew. Sometimes arguing that Ousmane is injured, in others that he is already registered but wants to know if the technician will give him minutes, then assuring that he wants to know if they have him as a permanent starter … To avoid doubts, Xavi made it clear from day one that he wants Dembélé to stay because, in his opinion, he can become the best in the world in his position.

From the club it is clarified that the offer made to Dembélé it is competitive. It is in line with the latest renewals and hires, with an important part of the file subject to variables by objectives and a duration of at least three more years. In the case of the French winger, it is clarified that the contract offered to him is not different from those proposed to other players on the team. In other words, the fact that he has suffered several serious injuries is not an offer in which income from the French international is subject to whether or not he is on leave. There are variables for performance and titles.

More than ever, the ball is in the court of Dembélé, who is running out of time to decide if he wants to renew with the club that spent 105 million fixed plus variable on him. Barça has to organize itself and wants to be clear about whether it can count on Ousmane for the next season, with what it entails, or not.

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