Tyumen knocks down the Kairat and will be in the Final Four

The Russian team came back from the Kazakh champions and joined Barça and Benfica in the Final Four of the Champions League

The last ticket will be disputed by Sporting CP and Ekaterimburg

Tyumen beat Kairat Almaty and will be in the Final Four


After the Barça and the Benfica they managed to qualify this past Saturday for the Final four of the Futsal Champions League, the Tyumen Russian also secured their presence in the continental title fight after defeating the Kairat Almaty Kazakh (3-2) in a vibrant match.

The Tyumen, led by a sensational Bruno taffy, had to overcome the initial goal of Orazov and got the pass for his second Final Four of the Champions after the one he played at the Palau Blaugrana in 2020, where he fell against ElPozo Murcia in the semifinals.

The last square for the Final four of the Champions League they will dispute it Sporting CP Portuguese and the Ekaterinburg Russian, who play this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. The Portuguese, current Champions of the Champions League, are worth a draw to go to the Final four.

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