Two draws are enough, by Lluis Canut

We are going to leave, even if it is only for a day, all the noise caused by the ‘case negreira‘ and let’s focus on the Classic of tonight in the Camp Nou. As happened a couple of weeks ago in the first leg of the semifinals of Cuphe barca He faces it again lame and in inferior conditions, not as many as in the visit to the Bernabeubecause at least he recovers the contest of Lewandowskibut it will continue without the help of Pedro and Dembeletwo casualties comparable to if ancelotti could not have Modric and Vinicius. We had made up our minds that the Canarian midfielder would be back. But in the middle of a debate about whether Xavi I would consider it more convenient to include him in the starting eleven, after completing the pre-game warm-up, but with the risk that this entailed after being out for a month. Or that he played the final half hour, with both teams worn out, with which the supposed lack of rhythm of the Teguestewould be compensated.

Let’s not fool ourselves, despite the last two blaugrana victories, the Madrid comes out as a favourite, despite the fact that if there is a team in Europe that morality has food for whites is the barca of Xavi. In this exchange of forces in this kind of match with so much rivalry, where the field factor seems to have disappeared, as shown by the statistics that the madridistas are undefeated in their last four visits to the Barcelona stadium, one signs up for theory that a couple of draws between today’s game and next Wednesday, April 5, would leave the Barcelona in an optimal situation. In the League discounting one day (12 would remain and the substantial difference of nine points would be maintained) and in the Cup would be qualified for the final.

They may call me a resultist, but after having won ten games 1-0, thanks to this, they would be very close to adding a double again, which would allow them to return through the front door to the path of titles, which are so longed for. Despite the fact that in not too distant times (the 2017-18 season, the first of valverde), it was considered a scarce booty to take the ‘bus de las rues’ to travel the streets of Barcelona. What a sin of arrogance for those who with a belly full of the titles achieved by the best barca of history, they accommodated themselves in abundance. without reaching imagine that because of an opportunist like Enriquez Negreirathere would come a day when the enemies of the capital would take advantage of it to try to change the story of “so, so, so, win the Madrid”, which they sang in all the stadiums to the whites favored by so many arbitration aids, to that the grass of the fields that the barca they are filled with bills painted as blaugrana and with the shield of the shaken ‘more than a club’. live to see

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