Troyes: Suk targeted by racist remarks in Marseille

L’Estac published a press release on Tuesday evening denouncing racist remarks made against its South Korean striker Hyun-Jun Suk, Sunday evening in Marseille.

While the Velodrome was empty of its supporters – behind closed doors – Prime Video’s microphones picked up derogatory sounds from the edge of the field against the Estac player.

If it is absolutely out of the question to echo the words picked up by the microphones of Amazon Prime this Sunday, these words are simply unacceptable and come to mar a discipline, football, which is essentially multicolored and multicultural. The club strongly condemns any form of racism or xenophobia », The Aubois are indignant.

RMC reported this Tuesday evening the following childish remarks from the Phocaean bank: ” The samurai, he cut it for us twice », After a foul by Hyun-Jun Suk on Pape Gueye. Or: ” He’s going to make sushi “. The Disciplinary Commission has already taken up the case.

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