Tottenham also tempts Dembélé with an offer

Ousmane Dembélé (24 years old) is the soccer player who guarantees most of the debate in the environment of the FC Barcelona. The French winger ends his contract on June 30 next year and the club has set itself the serious goal of renewing him. Of course, it cannot be at any price but within economic parameters lower than those you enjoy now. Ousmane. It is a good offer, they point out from the club, in which the accent is placed on the objectives: the more you play and the more you win Dembélé, the more you will charge.

That offer collides with those that are reaching the French international from other clubs, especially from several of the Premier League. As we already reported in MD, the Manchester United tempted Ousmane with a powerful offer, with a high transfer premium for arriving free that made him doubt. He too Newcastle He has tried to seduce him with many millions, now that the Saudi capital has promised him a lot of liquidity. The problem is that the ‘magpies’ are not very fine in the Premier league and flirt with the relegation places.

Paratici already wanted to sign him

In this context, the last club that has approached Dembélé with a lot of money ahead of him and promising to be a key piece in his future project is the Tottenham. His sports boss, the Italian Fabio Paratici, He already tempted him when he commanded at Juventus in previous seasons. Now he wants to give quality players at zero cost to Antonio Conte to reinforce the Italian coach’s commitment to signing for the English club and to give him arguments to be able to compete for the titles with him Manchester City, the Liverpool, the Chelsea, and the Manchester United.

Now, Conte is playing for Tottenham with a 3-4-3 in which the right wing of the attack is usually occupied Lucas Moura, while from behind the former Barça player plays the lane Emerson Royal, transferred last summer to the London club.

Divergent versions

At Barça, the feeling with Dembélé it is ambivalent. On the one hand, direct contact with the player makes it clear that, according to his words, he would like to continue at Barça and, therefore, renew his contract. This is what president Laporta and the new Barça coach have noticed, Xavi Hernandez, when they have talked to him about the renovation. Yesterday, Xavi He pointed out that not only what he values Dembélé it is the economic but also the sports project.

The problem is that the sensations, prone to continuity, which transmits Dembélé They are not endorsed by what their agent points out, Moussa Sissoko, when you meet with him Barça, like last Thursday. In this sense, the agent is seen to be more predisposed to an exit, for his player to earn a good transfer bonus and a powerful chip and to change of scene in search of an environment more favorable to his personality and his game.

A point of submission

They also detect in Barça a relationship with a point of submission towards their agent, something they are lovingly trying to turn around and the promise that Ousmane would be a staple for Xavi if you extend your contract. However, the feeling that his agent is trying to buy time until January 1, when he can now freely negotiate with any club, is growing by the minute. That is why they have given him an ultimatum that concludes in the middle of the month.

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