To discuss the indisputable again, by Santi Nolla

Benzema does not deserve the Golden Ball. He is French and is from Madrid but win the Nations League with the selection in a blank season with his club is not enough to grant an award of the level that is being talked about. In the competition in which the two faced each other, The league, Messi surpassed in goals the center forward of the Madrid. Leo was the top scorer. Water again. The media, the players and the Madrid environment yesterday charged the inks against the nomination of Messi in another attempt to discuss the indisputable. They are used to that gymnastics.

They accuse others but they are the ones who act with the shirt on. Knows it perfectly Pique, who in the end left the national team after a time when Madrid fans whistled him in training with Spain. He knows Lewis Enrique who was accused of being an anti-Madridista for not taking any player from the Madrid, when no white footballer could be brought to the national team. When you could, Luis Enrique He did it without any problem. The campaign for not leading Sergio Ramos ended up agreeing with the coach.

It is true that it is never clear among fans if what is rewarded is the performance of the best player of the season or who is the best footballer in the world that season. But usually it is usually even. No one argued Lewandowski because he had no shirt to hold on to. Messi has been the best. There are those who grant meritocracy to Jorginho and who thinks that Kanté It would deserve it because it would be rewarding a type of supportive player. But Leo has returned to be the best. Among other things because the most difficult for Messi is to be or to resemble Messi. And do it every year. Surely he is not the overwhelming footballer of five years ago, but he is still the best in the world and last season he deserved to take the Golden Ball with all the justice in the world.

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