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This was the exhibition of Jose Juan against Madrid that he hopes to repeat

The 41-year-old veteran goalkeeper was the hero of the tie less than a year ago and wants to achieve the feat again

Alcoyano’s goalkeeper, José Juan.


The goddess fortune wanted to cross again on the cupbearer path of the Real Madrid the same rival who already eliminated him last year: the Alcoyano. And with him, also the same player who made the night bitter for the whites with great saves that stopped the merengues onslaught, Jose Juan.

The veteran goalkeeper of the Alicante team (41) years old that night of January 20, 2021 was the hero. The Real Madrid fired 11 shots at the door of which ten ended up in his hands. Just the goal of Militao, which was 0-1, escaped him.

But it was in overtime, when the Real Madrid tightened more, where Jose Juan he was definitely visited as a hero with stops that sustained his people until the end. After the game and in the days after, the Galician goal was one of the names of Spain and all the media fought to talk to him. A year later and when he had already returned to his quiet life, he crossed the path of the Real Madrid. Will he repeat his feat again?

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