This PSG has never done worse …

If PSG are already qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League, the capital club had never performed so poorly in a group stage since the takeover by QSI.

the Paris SG will once again be at the rendezvous of the knockout stages of the Champions League next February. A good habit for the club of the capital which has indeed systematically left the pools since its return to the Champions League in 2012. A rare performance since PSG is only the fifth team to chain ten consecutive participations in the knockout stages after Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and AC Milan.

And this time, the Parisians will never really tremble. So much so that the vice-champions of France have therefore composted their ticket for the round of 16 even before the last day. The record of Mauricio Pochettino’s men is hardly brilliant, however. If they offered themselves the scalp of Manchester city, the Red and Blue have so far only posted two wins to two draws and one loss.

As in 2018?

With only eight points on the clock, PSG have already had to give up first place in the group and must therefore prepare for a complicated draw in the round of 16. At best, the Parisians will therefore end up with 11 units. No matter what, this will be their lowest total in a group stage since switching to the QSI banner. A total certainly already reached in 2018 when the Ile-de-France residents had scrapped with Liverpool and Naples, which did not prevent them from finishing in first place in the group.

Last season, the PSG, a time in bad shape, did not do much better, finishing with 12 units, with the key, again, the first place of the group in front of Leipzig. In 2014, these 12 points were synonymous with a second place behind Arsenal. The Parisians have also finished three times with 13 points, respectively in 2013, 2014 and 2015, the Red and Blue having to settle for second place in 2014 and 2015. The capital club did even better in 2012 and 2017 , totaling no less than 15 points, and even compiled 16 units in 2019 for what constitutes its best performance in the last ten years.

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