“They score very stupid goals against us”

He futsal barca achieved a hard-fought victory against UMA Antequera (2-5) to recover sensations, but despite the victory the coach Jesus Velasco He wanted to point out that they still have a lot to improve to play the game he expects from the team.

“We played a serious game, in general a good game. We didn’t play an exceptional game and we have a lot of room for improvement. We have to be ambitious and try to keep improving day by day. I’m left with a bittersweet taste because they score goals against us very stupid and it’s hard for us to score a goal. In the first half we didn’t play vertically, but in the second we’ve been a little better and we’ve organized our ideas better and things have gone quite well”, he said Jesus Velascowhich highlighted the importance of diegoauthor of the first goal and who was playing again today after overcoming his injury.

“They are very important players. Luckily we have a very broad squad and when (Dyego) has not been there, other players have contributed other things. He is a very specific player in the offensive game and today it has been seen in the contribution that he makes to us from getting the ball played, finishing situations and creating superiority with the one-on-one he has. He is a player who is going to give us a lot this season”, pointed out the coach of the barcathat now that he has the entire squad at his disposal, he hopes to have a better technical preparation in the matches.

“We have a very combinative way of playing and so it’s important that the coaches train together and when we don’t have it, we notice it. Today I’m not leaving entirely happy with this, because we can do better, but the players have a lot of good will and the group trains very well”, concluded Velasco.

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