“They called eight-year-old kids sons of a bitch”

Several testimonies question the behavior of the Lyon ultras on Friday itself in Charléty.

But what happened in the stands, Friday night, to arrive at such a disaster between Paris FC and Olympique Lyonnais? The images show numerous jets of smoke, and fights around the OL visitors’ parking lot.

Ultras Lyonnais groups, such as Bad Gones and Lyon 1950, are singled out. They would have arrived late for the match, around the 25th minute, due to a TGV problem. And after ensuring the atmosphere at the end of the first period, it was at half-time that the incidents began. ” That very quickly started to warm up with three or four Parisians, then a first firecracker and a smoke bomb were thrown in the gallery next door, and it got out of hand, says an OL supporter in the columns of L’Equipe. The plexiglass gave way and a group went running and beating up guys across the way. In panic, the people who were there, mostly ordinary spectators and families, fled. “

The thesis of a provocation on the part of PSG supporters assimilated to the Auteuil platform circulated on the networks, without it being able to be confirmed. What is obvious, that the Lyon supporters are far from being free from all reproach. “At one point it started to heat up at the top of the yard with people above it, another OL fan tells us, this time interviewed by Le Parisien. On the Lyonnais side, we were clearly dealing with guys who hadn’t come to see football, in balaclavas… They threw firecrackers and smoke bombs and blew the plexiglass. “

“Even women have been beaten with their belts”

And it went way too far. ” I was right next to the Lyonnais and it’s incredible what happened, testifies for his part Mohamed, a supporter of Paris FC, in L’Equipe. They jumped over the barrier and hit everyone. Even women have been beaten with their belts, straight ones! “

In general, whatever the causes of this incident, the behavior of the Lyon ultras is singled out, the president of Paris FC calling Jean-Michel Aulas to ” to do the housework “ in its stands.It’s too dangerous, with this bunch of morons, plague Yohan, a Lyon supporter exiled in Paris, still in L’Equipe. I make the trips, and in Brondby it was already like that, these morons had wanted to fight against the Danes, then had charged the cops. There, there were families next to us and they gave them fingers of honor, treated eight-year-old kids like a son of a bitch… It’s too much, it’s over for me. “

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