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“They are the best and they are showing it”

Dani carvajal celebrated the passing of Real Madrid to the second round of the Champions League after his triumph on the penultimate round of the group stage against Sheriff (0-3) and assured that they have “met the objective” without hesitation.

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“We have been very cold but the result makes everything more pleasant. We have qualified and we have met the objective,” he said. Carvajal on the microphone of ‘Movistar +‘. “The last games had cost us to keep a clean sheet, today we have been able to achieve it and we hope to repeat it in the next games because it ensures us points,” he added.

“They are at a very high level”

Carvajal praised the midfielder match Casemiro, Luka modric and Toni Kroos, who dominated the duel: “The coach said it, that they are the best and they are showing it. They are at a very high level and today they have done it again. The game has been governed by their rhythm and quality.”

The group leadership will be decided on the last day, but Carvajal they are left with the fact that they have already met the first objective, qualifying for the second round.

“We couldn’t hesitate with the result because if you don’t get into trouble against Inter. This doesn’t stop and on Sunday we have a game against a very strong opponent like Sevilla. We play every three days, so we have to rest well to add up. the maximum number of possible points “, it emphasized.

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