“These three points are holy water”

Xavi Hernandez celebrated the long-suffering triumph against him Villarreal but it recognized the local merits. “We have dominated less than I expected but in the end we found the goal with Memphis. We have played against a gentleman team, of level Champions, very well prepared tactically and we defended well but they scored the goal on a silly throw-in. They are three golden points. The way we are is holy water. We have to be honest and we have had a bit of luck. Villarreal did not deserve to lose, unlike us on Tuesday, but the victory must be valued. It is tremendous in a very difficult field. The players deserve it ”. And about the possible ‘flower’ in his three games, he said: “It will be seen, but they also had it at the beginning when we had four very clear chances.”

The Egarense made self-criticism by not knowing how to respond to the push of the Unai Emerand. “We dominated at the beginning as we wanted. but there are moments when the rival dominates you. They come off high pressure. We have tried to adjust it but they have done very well. They came with Yeremi pine and Danjuma but they have subdued us. We have to improve and play better, dominate the ball more, overcoming the pressure better. We had prepared ourselves for it. But we got three gold points and we are on the right track, “he said. Xavi, who valued the collective sacrifice anyway: “I had to jump Eric to make equality and Abde he had to be attentive. The team’s defensive work has been spectacular and sometimes you have to start there ”.

Xavi he congratulated himself “for the morale that the goals give to Memphis and Frenkie de Jong”And praised Ter Stegen, vital in the 1-2. “Yes we have found our back with Marc’s pass with a tactical situation that we had worked with when they were better in the game that we have least dominated.” And he had words for young people: “Gavi, Nico and Oscar when he came out, they have been very good. Do youAbde? It is a talent. It is capable of overflowing. We leave very satisfied and happy ”. About the position of Eric Garcia As a right-back, he argued that he did it to come out better when he jumped under pressure. “But he has suffered,” he admitted.

He avoided talking about arbitration due to the anger of Unai emery: “I am not here to judge if there were hands (from Piqué) but there is the VAR. And in the end there was tension but we shook hands. We all want to win ”. Nor did he want to do it Ferran torres, culé objective.

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