The word of Dembélé, by Cristina Cubero

Hazard was playing a terrible game for his team against Turkey when he was substituted in the 60th minute of the game. He couldn’t think of anything better than going to a hamburger joint and ordering a double with cheese while his teammates continued to play. The selector Georges leekens decided to sanction him and years later his own King Philip from Belgium reproached the Real Madrid player for his love of eating hamburgers. “Eat only one and no potatoes,” advised the monarch. “Potatoes are indispensable,” was Hazard’s reply. He was clear about his priorities and how he wanted to live his sports career being a spectacular footballer.

Barça continues to trust the word of DembéléWhen they ask him what he wants to do, he always repeats the same thing: I want to stay at Barça. The offer of the Blaugrana club for him to renew includes an interesting fixed and incentives that would make him the best paid of the squad. The Barça is sure that Dembélé He has understood that he is in the best club and in the best city to be happy. But while the team suffers, it is sterile in the area, very weak in the face of goal, there is no certainty of what it will be able to sign for the financial fair play and Chelsea and Manchester United squeeze, regardless of the fact that their close friend Umtiti suffer in silence.

Thomas tuchel knows better than anyone Ousmane Dembélé, with him the French winger was extremely happy. He was never injured! And Chelsea has the capacity to pay the ‘mosquito’ and the representatives who are responsible for transmitting the negative points of staying at Barça. Manchester United also has the financial capacity to do so. Barça wants to trust because it believes that Dembélé he will choose to try to be No. 1 in the club that trusted him nearly five years ago. But hamburger fries are very tempting. For some indispensable

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