The VAR changes its criteria and decides to inhibit itself in the middle of the league

“The accelerator is going to be lifted a little bit” in the VAR’s interventions, it was said in the presentation of Luis Medina Cantalejo as president of the Technical Committee of Referees

Luis Medina Cantalejo, new director of the Referees Technical Committee, in his official presentation


To change, to half the League, the president of the Referees Technical Committee is rare. Pass from Carlos Velasco Carballo, with whom they seemed so happy in the RFEF, to Luis Medina Cantalejo smells of singe. At the presentation of his new position, the news broke. The headline is very clear but has diffuse consequences: “The accelerator is going to be lifted a little” in the interventions of the VAR. What does it mean? In practice, from now on the big brother in the adjoining room is going to intervene less during matches. And then he explained that the VAR it will be “due to clear and manifest actions that the referee has not been able to see” and that “in the gray, whatever the referee decides will go forward.” Well, what a mess. We are already in business as usual. The adjectives “clear and manifest” and “grays” are again absolutely interpretable. Whoever claims a penalty will see that it is a clear action and whoever thinks that foot in the area is not tripped will consider that he is within the “gray”.

The point is that the referees who feel in the room VOR they will still not have a unified criterion on the seriousness of the actions. Medina Cantalejo He said that “they have said no to ‘penalties’, that’s football. Practice question: the grip of Lenglet to Sergio Ramos in a corner that Sánchez Martínez He pointed from the room and Martinez Munuera He ratified on the pitch, would today only be a ‘penalty’ and would not have been whistled? More than anything, to find out.

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