The two million that Barça paid for Abde, the origin of a crisis in Hercules

The Herculaneum Association and the platform We Can Take It Backgroups that bring together fans, subscribers and small shareholders of the Herculeshave requested this Saturday through social networks the resignation of the club’s board of directors after having dismissed the Provincial Court the appeals filed by the entity and its leaders for the ‘Abde case’.

Last June, the prosecution sued against him Hercules and its Foundation, as well as against several of its leaders, for an alleged seizure of assets after an alleged diversion by the entity of the two million euros that it received from the transfer of ez abde to FC Barcelona, ​​thus avoiding complying with the payment of the debt with the Tax agency. The operation was closed in the summer of 2021 and the player is now on loan from Barça to Osasuna.

The Herculean leaders filed appeals that have been dismissed by the Provincial Courtaccording to various media, so the case is waiting for the opening of an oral trial in which the leaders will have to give a statement. Carlos Parodi, José León and Valentín Botella.

This new legal setback for the leaders of the Hercules It has sparked outrage from followers on social media.

We Can Take It Back He states that he feels “disappointed and worried” and adds that the current board of directors “disgraces” the history of a century-old club like the Hercules and “dirty” your image.

This group calls for the “immediate resignation” of the council and warns that if this does not occur, small shareholders and fans reserve the right to file “legal actions” to demand the dismissal of the administrators and claim possible compensation.

The fans of Hercules They already manifest in each team match in the Rico Perez, at minute 19:22, coinciding with the year the club was founded, his discomfort with the management of the council showing cards with the motto “for sale” and singing chants against Enrique Ortizowner of the entity for 23 years.

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