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“The two goals in a row have hurt us a lot”

Imanol Sheriff He recognized the superiority of Real Madrid and the bad second half of his team: “The first half has been competed,” he said. “We have had our chances and in the first opportunity they have had in the second half we have conceded the first goal in an incredible play. A player who is in a tremendous moment has decided the game and that is Vinicius,” he confirmed. “Then the second came quickly and the game was decided.”

Orio’s believes that the key was that “in the areas they have dominated” and that “the two goals have been closely followed and that has done us a lot of damage” since “Madrid had hardly done anything to us. Then we went more with the heart than with the head and there we have suffered a little more “.

He did not give Madrid all the credit for the victory: “We could have been a little better,” acknowledged the coach who was surprised because “today is surely the game in which I have seen Real Madrid closer together” and according to him This is because “they knew of our potential and they have gotten together a lot. We knew that one of the keys when they got together was not to make mistakes when we put balls inside because in the transitions with Vinicius He was going to kill us and that’s how it has been. He is the player who is unbalancing in every game and today he has shown it. ”

Despite the two defeats added to Espanyol and Real Madrid, Imanol He said he was not “worried” and although “we are having a hard time getting it right in front of goal, the goals will come.”

“It is a hard blow but it is part of football,” he continued. “It is less tough when you play like we play against Espanyol, but today the team has played up to the first goal against the best team in the League,” he said. “Within these two defeats there are positive things that we will try to give continuity to and improve the things that we have not done so well.”

According Imanol, “Now we are not winning, but during the year there have been games in which we have played worse than against Espanyol or worse than in the first part of today. What happens is that we are not hitting the small details and they are the ones that make a difference. “

“There we will have to get it right,” he said in reference to Thursday’s final against PSV, before which “again we will try to do our thing, prepare well, with humility and ambition to try to achieve a victory and be all happy.”

“Like me, the players are angry and wanting to turn it around right now and that is the best game to do it,” he said. “If this team has something, it is that we give the right importance to both wins and losses. We are not going to change. There is no better way to turn the situation around than by beating PSV on Thursday.”

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