the true twilight of the gods

Leo Messi he won his seventh Ballon d’Or. The award came at the age of 34. But have you looked at the ages of the rest of the enthroned players at the France Football gala? We go in order. The second was Lewandowski, with 33 years. The third, Jorginho with 29. The fourth, Benzema with 33. The fifth, Kanté with 30. The sixth, Cristiano Ronaldo with 36. The seventh, Salah with 29. In old age, smallpox. From there the De Bruyne, Donnarumma, Mbappé, Haaland and other players who have been pushing from a very young age. But at the top, in the Olympus of the gods, follow a handful of twilight players.

Not so long ago, soccer stars, at their age, were already retired. Van bastenWith three Ballons d’Or, he had to leave football at 29 due to his ankle injuries. CruyffWith three others, he went to soccer at the age of 31. Platini, with three more golden balls, he hung up his boots at 31.

Not so now. The greatest are not only stretching their careers but the jury’s score shows that they continue to perform sublimely. A sign that, today, footballers take care of themselves much more than before, that the physical and proper nutrition are part of the sport and, also, that ambition is a mental factor that fuels competition and competitiveness. Messi He recalled at the gala that, two years ago, when he won, everyone was asking him about the withdrawal.

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