The threat of dismissal on Jorge Jesús benefits Barça

Bad atmosphere in the Benfica in the days prior to the sixth and final round of the group stage of the Champions League. There’s firing drums over the technician Jorge Jesus if it does not exceed Dynamo of Kiev. The criticism from the fans in the last league game is already taking their toll. Bad vibes benefit the Barça in their fight to reach the round of 16. If you lose in Munich and the Benfica It also falls or draws, the pass will be Barça.

Jorge Jesus its immediate future is at stake. It all depends on what happens in Da Luz against the Ukrainian team. The newspaper ‘Record’ points out the essential condition. If he does not beat Dinamo, the board will throw him out. If he wins, but the team does not qualify for the next phase, he will remain on the bench. The Portuguese newspaper does not speak of elimination in the group stage.

The atmosphere in the previous days is not the best after what happened in Friday’s derby in Da Luz, where the Sporting He won 1-3, causing the appearance of white scarves, and masks doing the same effect, in the stands with the fans calling for the resignation of the coach. The Benfica It is third in the Primeira Liga, four points behind the two co-leaders, Porto and Sporting.

The coach defended himself against criticism, arguing that a bad game should not serve to assess the season the team is doing, remembering precisely that it has Barça on the ropes in the Champions League. “I am not going to make this year’s movie with a bad game. We cannot forget what Benfica is doing, in the Champions League, for example, where they have the possibility of passing a rival like Barcelona, ​​as well as in the League, where, with this defeat, we are only four points behind. I’m not saying that this reaction is normal, because Benfica is not used to losing, much less. And I only lost two or three games in 16 or 17 pulses with Sporting. But I repeat: it is not a game that sums up this start of the season, “he explained.

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